Wednesday, 4 April 2018

GCSE Revision Tips

Revision, the bane of most teenagers lives. I know personally everyday at the minuet consists of revising whether it be for 20 minuets or 10 hours. Going through year 11 and being almost at the start of exams this time is the time that matters the most, the countdown is on! Here is how I have coped through year 11 so far and how I am going to continue to cope for the next three months!

This will really not appeal to some people but if you are a bit of a gym bunny and fitness freak anyway this is defiantly for you. Set aside some time for exercising as that is your relief from the stress of school and exams and revision. Sometimes when I'm working out whether it will be boxing or running or any other form of workout, I can feel quite guilty that I've not got my head in a book so my solution to that is I listen to the audio-book of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde instead of music. This won't work for everyone as some people don't workout anyway but I find it really useful.

Snacks Sleep and Hydration
You wouldn't go on a long road trip without snacks, so why sit in one space at home and suffer thinking about being hungry instead of your work? You need to eat drink and sleep! Without these you will not get anything done or memorized, you won't be working at your best ability without so don't deprive yourself of these things.

As I'm a visual learner this one is key for me. I was having a real struggle to remembering quotes for English and equations for science and math so my advice would be colour code things. So I have the Romeo and Juliet quotes written on paper in red and stuck up all over my house and then I have the an Inspector calls quotes written in blue as when I'm in an exam I find it so much easier to remember the lines by their colour.

By now coursework should be more less done if it isn't don't panic but quick get it done! Time is running low and that's no new fact but if you get all your coursework done as quick as you can then you don't have to worry about it anymore which is my biggest piece of advice as it takes a little bit of stress off which will actually make a big difference right now.

Get Organised
Don't go over the top with this and spend more time organizing than actually revising but be organised get yourself a folder or notebook and put all your revision together because losing parts and not being able to tell what you have and haven't already worked on will stress you out more. Organizing from the start will ensure you spend equal time on each subject and work on the things you are lacking.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Top 5 Happy Places in the World

I decided I just wanted to appreciate ad recognise my favorite places in the world and why they are so memorable and special to me, I though it was something nice to share with you and a way to let you get to know me more.

5. Kent
So my home county how could this not be one of my happy places. I love Kent it has so much countryside and has so many places which mean so much to me. I have grown up here and lived my whole life here. I get to see its beauty everyday!

4. Liverpool
Now I am very biased being a Liverpool football fan but I love the atmosphere in Liverpool and it is the home to one of my favourite hotels in the world. The hotel itself isn't anything fancy but it has a gym, pool and the loveliest buffet and it makes me feel very homely and comfortable which is the nicest feeling away form home. 

3.Central London
Now this one is a bit more complicated than just central London I love oxford street, Hyde park, Mayfair and that part of London near and around the Victoria station area. This is closer to home but still further away that I don't get to visit too often. Oxford street is every shopaholics dream and I find Hyde park such a lovely place like a breath of fresh air against the mad city life. This picture does not capture any of London that I wanted to share but I lost my memory card with all my London photos on.

2. Hilton Hotel Resort and Spa Jamaica
This place holds so many memories which I live for! I have been here twice and the first time was amazing I just had to go back, the second time was even better. I have no negatives about this resort even the people you speak to a so nice and give you the best vibes. One of my happy places in life.

1. Chicago, Illinois, United states
This is probably my most favorite pace in the world and somewhere I could see myself living in the future. I've only been here once in my life but I loved every second of it. I visited Chicago in the last week of December 2016 and stayed for new years eve which was just magical in the big city! I am 100% sure I will be returning as I loved it so very much the magnificent mile was the best shopping destination I have even been to. Lincoln Park zoo was nothing like the zoos you get at home and the food oh the food! Not to mention a Starbucks at every ten paces!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

My goals for 2018

Goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018. Now as nearly everyone else on the planet right now we are all reflecting on the year and thinking forward to what we want to achieve in 2018, I have given this some deep thought and decided it would be good to share with you what I am aiming for and want to complete in 2018! Edited note: sorry this is going up so late.

1. My GCSEs 
So obviously this year I am sitting lots of GCSE exams as I'm in year 11. I want to do well and from now until them exams in the summer I aim to work super hard so I can achieve the best grades possible and do well so I get the grades I want and need.

2. Blog more
I know this one is going to be difficult to do around my GCSEs and my main focus should be my exams but I am going to attempt to get at least a post up every month and from July and on you should be seeing a lot more from me as that's my chance to chill out so watch this space!

3. Running
As you may know I am very into running anyway but I want to set myself a clear goal. I aim to be able to run a comfortable seven miles by next December this way I know I have to keep running and not get lazy even during my exams and anything else that might busy me in the coming year. Its so important to exercise its keeps me so healthy in my mind and body.

4. To learn how to drive
So I am turning 17 this year and I want to start learning how to drive in September I don't expect to pass this year as I want to be realistic but I want to start learning how to drive straight away and take my theory at the first opportunity.