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Liverpool Vlog/Blog

I thought I would do a really different post today like a vlog/blog of my trip to Liverpool just writing as I go along. This weekend I'm travelling up to Liverpool to see them play at Anfield, meet a retired player have a meal watch the game (against West Ham 👎) and then after have sandwiches after. I've never been to Liverpool before so I'm crazy exited.

It took four hours to travel up traffic wasn't too bad, we checked into our hotel, went for a swim and then set off to Anfield. As so as we got the the camera came out taking photos of the stadium as you would expect any fans/tourist to do. We went in and looked around the Liverpool Museum which was so good there was a lot of Gerrard's stuff and trophies which was amazing.

Next we had a meal in the boot room which was lovely  had a carrot soup for my starter and then a burger for my main they were lovely. I walked round to my seat which was a 10 minuet walk away. The seat were really good high up above the goal

Tobogganing and Tubing

Yesterday as a fun little thing to do at the weekend we went to the John Nike ski centre. It was so good they have an outdoor ski slope obviously no snow as its in England, a big tobogganing track which I went on and tubing which I also did. Despite it being freezing cold I had an amazing day!
(sorry for bad image quality had to mega zoom to get the picture)
The tobogganing was great the only down side was the never ending queuing but it was worth it as you go up on this line you aren't in control you just get on this ling and it takes you up to the top of the slope then when you get to the very top you gain control. You can lean to stear but you can't lean to much or there is a slight possibility you could come off the track. The tubing was really fun its a slip where you sit in a tube/doughnut and get pushed down the slope. The guy who was working there pushing up down twisted up at the top so we went spinning really fast on the way down which was so fun!

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2015 favoruites

Pinch punch and the rest for the beginning of a new month which happens to be the start of a whole new 365 day. Over 2015 there have been some really consistent favourites for so many things and I will be taking all of them into 2016 with me.
I will start with beauty favourites and then go on to more random things...
So for the whole year I have been using the Benefit they're real mascara I love this mascara so much you wouldn't believe it does so much for my lashes it makes them  so long and perfect, this is a beauty essential for me.
All year I have been using the Lush bubblegum lip scrub and it is heaven. Its like a sugary textured scrub and you rub it on your lips and then lick of the excess scrub it tastes amazing and it leaves your lips soft and lipstick/gloss ready. My lips have been less cracked and chapped since I have been using this and I don't know where I would be without it.

My real techniques buffing brush has been my holy grail this year everything I have …