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Hair Care Routine

I get a lot of compliments on the length and condition of my hair so for this blog post I decided to show you what I do to my hair and what products I use on it. "hair care routine", I am calling this a routine but everyday it does vary as if I know that I am not applying heat I won't use certain products so I customize it to my current  situation.
To wash my hair I use the head and shoulder anti-dandruff Shampoo as I find it really benefits my hair and gives it nice shine and stops all dandruff I would normally have to pick out my hair. Next I use the Garnier ultimate blends conditioner, it smells amazing, it makes my hair all soft, just love it. 

When I get out the shower I towel try it just rubbing the towel on my hair until it is a bit dryer. I then tip my head upside down and brush my hair this way when my hair dries it won't dry flat on my head it gives it more volume at the roots and doing this will help your hair grow out as well. Once its brushed I sprayed …

Shopping Haul

As its half term I have been out and about during the day time and decided to do a bit of shopping. These things I bought are all from different shop and bought over the space of a week. I really love these things I bought so I've put them together to do a little haul post. 
I bought this nail varnish from New Look for £2.50. It is a matte grey colour and I am in love with it! On the bottle its called charcoal .

I needed new school shoes I have completely ruined my old ones. I prefer to wear brogues and I find them a lot more comfy and when it rain I don't get wet feet and they won't fall of when I run for the bus as I'm usually running late. I purchased these from Sainsbury's. I can't remember how much they cost and I've already taken the label off but they were very inexpensive.

This notebook is what I recently purchased from Mount Street Printers and it really ideal as its small so easily portable and good for taking with me in my bag to jot down notes …