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What I got for my birthday 2016!

So I recently had my birthday and as tradition goes I show you what I got so here is what I got. Usual disclaimer I am in no way trying to brag about what I got as I am very grateful for everything I got and thought I would share it with you. I had a lovely birthday with my friends at school then with my family when I got home. So here are some of the presents I got, I haven't included all my presents in there as some are very personal, so here is what I got....

I got this really pretty sparkly make up bag defiantly going to be using this all the time! I feel like my parents really thought about this and why they got it for me as I really do love sparkles and glitter so this is perfect for me and I know this is from Boots.

My brother got me this set from pink and I have to say I love it so much! They smell so amazing and they look lovely on the side in my bedroom. My brother knows how much I love VS Pink and that it is my favourite shop so for him to get met this was really nice. 

August favourties

I know I don't often do a monthly favourites post as I fin it hard to pick my absolute favourite product but this month it was hard to pick them at all. Since returning from Jamaica (blog post to come) I haven't even been aware of what day is it never mind the month so this post is more my "summer favourites", never the less all products worth purchasing.
Rimmel Rita Ora Nail varnish This is on the blue/green shade 878 Roll in the grass. Rimmel nail varnishes are such a good quality so i tend to use and purchase them nail varnishes the most as they are such a good quality with a thick brush which makes it easy to paint my whole nail without missing a strip at the side. Most colour are fine with just once coat but i normally do two anyway and it dries so fast. I love this nail varnish a staple in such a pretty summer colour.

17 Falsifeye Gel eyeliner This gel liner has been my go to everyday that I wore make up for the whole of this summer, I find liquid liner really h…