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H&M Spring Picks!

I absolutely love H&M but I always feel that the brand never get the attention it deserves so I thought I would do my current top picks for h&m because I am becoming slightly obsessed with their clothes. I find all their items quite affordable, stylish and super good quality so its defiantly worth having a look, and they offer clothes for all sizes and styles, they have clothes to meet everyone's preferences.

Liverpool Legends Charity Match

This weekend I went to Liverpool (believe me, that is a trip in itself without even walking the streets of Liverpool) and I went there to see the Liverpool legends football charity match. All proceeds go to the Liverpool foundations who help children with any sort of trouble in their life all over the UK and internationally with football and sport. They help children with disability play sport and allow them to feel like every other child in the world. The charity also teamed up with Kit Aid which takes people football kits which are in a good condition but no longer want and they are distributed out to children in countries where they aren't as privileged so they have nice clothes to wear and play sports in. 
I had much interest in the charity game not only because of the good cause but as well because my favourite player of all time was playing, Steven Gerrard. It was a lovely day and Liverpool legends ended up winning 4-3 with Robbie Fowler scoring a penalty and Steven Gerrard…

Hp Sprocket Review

Just before christmas I had seen these Hp sprockets being hyped up all over the internet so I wanted to find out more and see what they are all about. Having got one for Christmas I think I have now had it and used it enough to give and honest and full review of it.

In October last year I was looking at buying a Polaroid camera as it felt like everyone had one and they made such lovely displays of the prints but they are so expensive and the films costs so much, it was something I wanted to think about first. Then I saw the sprockets and they seemed like a good alternative so I kept looking at both to decide which would be better for me and what I wanted the camera for, my mum being the amazing mum she is took note and got me a sprocket for christmas and I love it!

I have the white and rose gold sprocket and I am sure it is better than having a Polaroid camera. The sprocket is a good size and weight so that it easily portable to take it around with you whether you travel abroad or ju…

February Favorites 2017

This past month I have had some serious favorites which I haven't put down and products I've not stopped using.So first I am going to talk about the boots tea tree back ad body spray. Now I am going to get real I have really bad back acne and I have been trying to find a product that will help me get rid of this problems as it is something I really hate and feel self conscious about so far I think product as helped, it took some time to see results but now I am noticing a difference. Its not a miracle worker, I still have acne on my back but there is so much less and I feel better about it. This is the only product that has made any difference so I am going to stick with it and see if it works more overtime.
I am really loving the soap and glory perfect ten palette as I do not own these types colours and it is so easy to just dust on before school. Before I began using this palette I only really used the Naked eye shadow palette which features mainly neutral and gold tones wh…