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Exams - Stress and Prep

So it is that time of year again where the current people in year 11 at secondary school sit their exams and this comes with a huge back lash of stress, revision, lack of sleep, spending extra hours at school, less of a social life and a huge amount of other things and I thought I would share my tips and what works for me at the current time.
Now I am no expert, I am actually in year 10 and taking my two R.E gcse exams early and taking a Btec sport exam so I am doing three exams in total which doesn't even amount to what some people are doing in year 11 right now and my heart goes out to them as I am barely holding it together myself right now (*insert broken smile emoji*).
I have found that learning to manage my time (slightly better than before) has helped me to feel less stressed and revise better, this means having a balance and being able to to take a break, because after too long time spent revising you just stop taking information in. On the other hand no revising at all i…